The Academy was created to give young people the opportunity to learn real performance skills from industry professionals and put them into practice in staged, public performances.

The students are initially divided (by age) into three separate performance companies, where their training comprises acting, singing and dance tuition.

“A” Company    –    13 – 17yrs
“B” Company    –    10 – 12yrs
“C” Company    –      7 – 9yrs

The idea of ‘The Company’ is very important to all of us at The Academy. It means that, when our students take to the stage, they are never alone – always supported by a strong, loyal and encouraging company!

Of course, successful theatre relies not just on individual acting, singing and dance skills but on trust, support and team work. Academy students learn these essential values as an essential component of their training.

The school runs on a three term cycle that we have found to be the most effective. Each year includes ‘Skills’, ‘Assessment’ and ‘Show’ terms.

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The Skills Term

The Skills TermDuring the Skills Term, each school session consists of three classes: an hour of dance tuition, an hour of drama tuition and an hour of singing tuition. To succeed as a performer in today’s increasingly congested business, performers must be multi-skilled. It’s very rare to find a good performer who is, for example only skilled in acting or a singer with no dance skills. That is why, here at The Academy, we make it a priority to train our students to achieve proficiency in all 3 disciplines.
Our students are also introduced to a broad range of skills and styles – both to challenge them and to encourage their growth as performers.
Part of the work of The Academy’s experienced teachers is to recognise areas in which the students need improvement and tailor individual classes to suit their needs.

The Assessment Term

The Assessment Term During the assessment term, students’ tuition in their acting, singing and dance classes involves working on a prepared piece, with progress assessed after six weeks of rehearsals.Our aim and belief is that every student will  leave The Academy as a better actor, singer and dancer and this Assessment Term plays a major role in ensuring each student’s continuous growth and development. By improving acting, singing and dance skills and demonstrating this improvement through performance, we raise confidence and maximise every individual student’s potential.

The Show Term

The Show Term The Show Term ensures all Academy students have the opportunity to put their newly acquired acting, singing and dancing skills into practice by taking part in a staged public performance. Nothing can replace the unique and exhilarating experience of taking part in live theatre and students at The Academy will have the opportunity to experience this in our full-scale public performances. Only through performance will students learn to cope with those first night nerves, discover how to enthuse an audience, learn how to hold them in the palms of their hand and, of course, revel in the satisfaction of a well-earned round of applause